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a crude attempt to trigger david cross’ google alert.

hi david,

so, how effective is that google alert?

in an effort to balance some of the negative “blogwaves” (or, “negablogity”) you must be getting, i think it’s crucial for you to know that i love you very much. (i’m not in love with you, though, so please don’t be frightened or feel the need to become litigious.) while i won’t likely see every piece of shit you’re involved in, i’ll always think you’re the best part of that piece of shit, and i’ll wear my soft david cross jammy jams and use your FDA-approved mouthwash until the day i die.

and perhaps it should be known that i opted not to use your PETA ad as the accompanying pic here because, while i love you unconditionally (and in a very safe, reasoned way, which would certainly be condoned by most state governments), your chest hair has always made me a little uncomfortable.


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