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some thoughts on two seminal versions of the seminal phil collins jam, “sussudio”

in the first version, a bloodless blond muppet spazz-dances and lip synchs to an abbreviated version of SUSSUDIO to a triumvirate of judges seemingly comprised of his grandmothers:

a few reactions:

1. if you surround it with a blue sport coat and wear white pants, even a trapper keeper can look stylish.

2. puttin on the kids (incidentally, could this title be more appropriate?) could not afford a fake microphone for duffy to hold, but he deftly improvised.

3. ever wonder if a series of overlapping triangles would constitute a suitable background for a talent competition? how about now?

4. “oh, your dad’s name is normal? and he called you ‘duffy?’ what an ass.”

5. as a tv show host, the pinnacle of your profession is inversely proportional to how frequently you must interview your guests from your knees.

in the second rendition, an emaciated, considerably-less-talented, 1980s manchild version of david archuleta joins fergie (and backup dancer mario lopez!) in a rollicking shriekfest the likes of which only child star factory kids incorporated could have produced:

1. ha ha. fergie.


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