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today in the craigslist jokes forum

first post:

brand new joke

a teacher goes to school and he doesnt talk much
the students says why are you so quiet today?
he says i left my false teeth at home, i cant talk
then a student goes to the teachers house to get it for him (for extra credit)
then the teacher talks too much
and the stuedents get tired and say whats wrong wtih you why are you talking so much
he says…


you brought me my wife’s teeth!!


New joke, Your gay


what are today’s buzzwords?

why not let a simple google search again answer the questions that briefly flit through my consciousness. and feel free to use these revolutionary terms (with or without definitions or context, really) at your next staff meeting, corporate training event, policy speech, or cocktail party:

fun with LARP videos

please compare these two nearly identical videos of some LARPing.


is one subtly more awesome? lightning bolt!

today in the forums: internet posts taken out of context, laguna beach/the hills edition

Forum: TVgasm Forums > Laguna Beach/The Hills

Thread: The Hills Season 3

User: JulieM

08-15-2007, 12:39 PM

I’ve thought on this awhile and just see that “art” as a way of Spencer getting her tighter into his grips. It’s as if he dared her to say she didn’t love it and she looked like she wouldn’t dare say that she didn’t like it. I don’t think I’m that different from most people and trust me if I came home and saw that caca on my wall, I’d say “what the f*ck is that and when are you painting over it.” But Heidi is so desperate she looked actually frightened to say anything as if she did, he’d dump her…and he knows it.

seinfeld: could this guy BEE more of a dick?

IMPORTANT! jerry seinfeld, who apparently once had a television show of some sort and, if the rumor factory is to bee beelieved, has an animated feature opening this weekend in movie houses across the nation, was a colossal dick to larry king on the old man’s talky program:

more on this “seinfeld” chap after i scour wikipedia.

shitty-ass song o’ the day: “all mixed up,” 311

verily, the popular music of the ’90s was a vapid pile of shit. for the most part, the airwaves were dominated by stale, angst-y, same-sounding grunge songs mixed with glossy, overproduced, soulless pop, belligerent gangsta rap, and spineless country. throw in brief attempts at mainstream success by the goth and industrial camps, zeitgeist-raping dreck like “mambo #5” and “the macarena,” and the bookending nightmare of the last gasp of hair metal/power ballads and the absolutely shitkicking combination of hip hop with rock, and it was a decade-long ren fairre-level of awful.

this last group was wonderfully epitomized and even tweaked by 311. melding white boy funk, white boy hip hop, and white boy rock into a powerful white boy machine of nasally vocals, ridiculous lyrics, and all encompassing radio ubiquity. after gaining some campus-level popularity in the mid-to-late part of the decade, around the same time american radio listeners were about to be tricked into their tempestuous love affair with the gallagher brothers and “cumbersome,” 311 became radio staples with a trio of shitty, unspeakably annoying and overplayed singles. finally, bong-sucking trust fund brahs could fill the void of an appropriate soundtrack to which they could merrily hack and date rape that legend, dave matthews bootlegs, and sublime couldn’t.

i fucking hate 311, so to honor that hatred, here’s one of their ridiculous songs, popularized again in 2007 in beatbox fashion by that one american idol beatboxing guy.

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