woman hits giraffe with car. in south carolina.

for a state plagued by controversy over the confederate flag and pretty much no additional things, south carolina now has another huge, racially divisive problem on its hands: it’s probably being overrun by giraffes. highway giraffes.

dubious? think it was probably a deer or a horse? well, this lady knows what deer and horses look like. from the post and courier (they couldn’t decide on one, apparently):

The 911 dispatcher sounded incredulous.

A giraffe? Yes, the woman caller insisted.

The animal she sideswiped in her car while driving on S.C. Highway 174 near the Dahoo Bridge Thursday morning was a giraffe.

“I do know one thing: it was bigger than a horse,” she told the operator. “I know what a deer looks like. I know what a horse looks like.”

There were two of them in the road, she said. She couldn’t avoid hitting one of them. It damaged her passenger-side mirror.

Were they injured? The caller wasn’t sure. They ran away.

the highly entertaining audio is here. if there was an award for incredulity, the 911 operator should certainly be given some consideration.


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