turd blossom jr responds!

if you’ve been lucky enough to avoid the mental stain of the nauseating new allegations against lou pearlman, let’s refresh: vanity fair recently posted an article with accusations from several of the ex-boyband members whose careers pearlman helped launch suggesting that the karl rovian manager slash promoter slash business slab made sexually inappropriate advances towards some of them, including requiring boyband BJs for career advancement, performing nasty massages, and engaging in half-naked bed wrestling, in addition to being—generally speaking—gross.

well now pearlman is responding to these allegations via truth-seeking vessel, radar. the article can be found here, but among the most powerful and back-breaking defenses:

On an incident described in the Vanity Fair story in which former Take 5 boy-band member Tim Christofore describes Pearlman swan diving on a bed full of boys and wrestling with them wearing only a towel (which falls off):
“T.J. [Christofore] is making up this story. He sued me in child labor court and lost. If what he says is true, you would think he would have brought it up to help his case. The fact that he never mentioned this in court should tell you where he’s coming from. He’s just trying to join the lynch party. Besides, I’ve never owned a towel that could wrap all the way around me anyway.”


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