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national gay celebrity draft continues; sitcom/broadway stars still provide most fertile choosing ground

yes, the thing you always assumed was true because it was so obvious even if there was never any outward declaration is actually true! fussy and effeminate david hyde pierce, whose roles include being the only semi-worthwhile thing about perennial emmy-snatcher frasier and the awesome physicist from wet hot american summer, is gay! assuming that’s what “partner” means, which in this case it almost certainly does.

from outing command headquarters,

The 1980s in New York saw the flowering of such playwrights as Durang, Wendy Wasserstein, Mark O’Donnell and Richard Greenberg, and Pierce was fortunate to appear in plays by all of them. He worked at Playwrights Horizons, the Public Theater, Shakespeare in the Park and a lot of regional theaters such as the Guthrie in Minneapolis, Chicago’s Goodman and Long Wharf in New Haven, Conn. Pierce got to Los Angeles in the early 1990s when his partner, actor-writer-producer Brian Hargrove, wanted to write for television. A short-lived Norman Lear series, “The Powers That Be” led to “Frasier.”

at this rate, the celebrity gays will have enough members to field a softball team to compete with the all-star celebrity rehabbers by summer ’08.


kiddies, pearl cream, and unicorns: pedophilia, age-defiance, and fantasy on myspace

so wait…those people aren’t 99 years old?

Suspect had MySpace web site

TROY, NY – The 37-year-old teacher accused of having oral sex with one of his students had a MySpace Web site showing a photo when he was much younger and said his age was 15 years old.

Kirk Hellwig, on paid leave from his social studies teaching position at Columbia High School, was arrested Monday and charged with repeatedly having oral sex at the school during the school day with a 16-year-old student.

The Saratoga Springs resident, free on $25,000 bail, faces three counts each of felony third-degree criminal sex act and endangering the welfare of a child. Authorities say the sex was consensual but a 16 year old cannot legally consent. The victim cooperated in the investigation and is now in therapy. Continue reading ‘kiddies, pearl cream, and unicorns: pedophilia, age-defiance, and fantasy on myspace’

parents, is your child EMOtional?

this video from utah’s abc 4 can help you decide if your child’s enjoyment of death cab for cutie is cause for a suicide watch or merely an error in judgment.

warning sign #1: unhappiness. all unhappy teens cut themselves because happiness is a sin.

warning sign #2: dark clothes. all unhappy teens who cut themselves wear dark clothes.

warning sign #3: bracelets. all unhappy teens who wear dark clothes also wear bracelets because they cut themselves.

warning sign #4: ridiculous hair. all unhappy teens who wear dark clothes and bracelets and cut themselves have ridiculous haircuts that resemble gunshots.

warning sign #5: enjoyment of music, books, the internet, and spiderman 3. all unhappy teens who wear dark clothes and bracelets and cut themselves have ridiculous haircuts that resemble gunshots do these things because they like music, books, the internet, and spiderman 3.

(also, bonus information for parents: boys kissing=”gender-bending”)

msnbc is concerned about the privacy of featureless silhouettes with worrisome necks.

baby vs. cobra: death rattle

as a child, i was very afraid of cockroaches. this video pretty much solidifies how pathetic i was.

also, parents of the year committee, are you watching?

introducing: hammer18, a person from the internet.

this is hammer18, scrabble player at he is currently rated 2011 and has a won-lost record of 4-4. he likes lingo both beatnik-inspired and forced-contemporary. this is him with his cat, gary.

Hey kool kats! This is Gary, the love of my life. I am extremely passionate about my furry feline friends and football (please pardon the alliteration, hee hee). Who do you think will win the next World Cup? As the youngans are saying these days, ‘holla at me!’ if you see me in any of the game rooms. takes photo captioning to a new level of literal.

Above: Kyle Snyder, a 23-year-old U.S. Army deserter who fled to Vancouver, in front of a map of Canada. (Photo composite)