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e-mail forwards that should be extinct, but continue to be sent, despite not being funny ever, particularly in 1996 when they originated.

Ways To Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity:

At Lunch Time, Sit In Your Parked Car With Sunglasses on and point a Hair
Dryer At Passing Cars. See If They Slow Down.

Page Yourself Over The Intercom. Don’t Disguise Your Voice.

Every Time Someone Asks You To Do Something, ask If They Want Fries with

Put Decaf In The Coffee Maker For 3 Weeks. Once Everyone has Gotten Over Their Caffeine Addictions, Switch to Espresso.

In The Memo Field Of All Your Checks, Write “For Marijuana”

Finish All Your sentences with “In Accordance With The Prophecy”.

Skip down the hall Rather Than Walk and see how many looks you get.

Order a Diet Water whenever you go out to eat, with a serious face.

Specify That Your Drive-through Order Is “To Go”.

Sing Along At The Opera.

Put Mosquito Netting Around Your Work Area And Play tropical Sounds All Day.

Five Days In Advance, Tell Your Friends You Can’t Attend Their Party Because
You have a headache.

When The Money Comes Out The ATM, Scream “I Won! I Won!”

When Leaving the Zoo, Start Running towards the Parking lot, Yelling “Run
For Your Lives! They’re Loose!”

Tell Your Children Over Dinner, “Due To The Economy, We Are Going To Have To
Let One Of You Go.”

And The Final Way To Keep A Healthy Level Of Insanity.

Send This E-mail To Someone To Make Them Smile. Its called therapy.



obama is breath stealer, deceased clooney says.

in a wide-ranging la times interview, the surprisingly candid and eloquent corpse of george clooney talks about democratic politicians past and present, as well as his love of grim-reaping president aspirant, barack obama.

He’s friends with the Clintons. He knows Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). “I like him very much, and I think he’s a nice man,” Clooney said. “But I disagree with him politically.” He admires former Vice President Al Gore. “I sat on a train with him, my father and I. We talked for three hours.”

But Obama, clearly, dazzled him.

“We were at a rally on Darfur,” Clooney said. “People were standing around backstage. All of a sudden, Obama walks out and steps onto the stage. Everyone stopped to hear what he had to say‚Ķ. I’ve never been around anyone who can literally take someone’s breath away.”

are YOU concerned about the impending robot war? msnbc is.