move over, brown v. board of education

In a slight diversion from our typical fare, I’d like to spend a little time today discussing the Supreme Court of this here United States. You may have heard of this somewhat obscure group, a staple of the American judiciary up to the 1970s. Lately, they’ve focused more on executive matters (such as choosing who will be president); however, now and then, for the sake of nostalgia, they accept a case to haggle over.

One of their latest puzzles is the “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” case. It promises to be one of the watershed cases in the history of these fruited plains, mostly because it is one of the few that actually could have affected me personally at some point in my life. Joseph Frederick, the creator of the subtly-titled sign, is me … well, not actually, but he could have been. He is an ironic little shit, and so was I. Read up, for next they come for us all.


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