hundreds near phoenix inadvertently masturbate to tom brokaw.

it’s so very gratifying that this happened:

MESA, Ariz. (AP) – A cable news program was temporarily replaced with hard-core pornography, shocking viewers who had been watching a health show featuring former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw.
The incident Monday night on KPPX-TV was “an act of human sabotage” at the Phoenix-area station, said ION Television, which operates the station.

“We have launched a rigorous investigation, and any implicated employees will face strict disciplinary action and termination,” ION Media Networks spokeswoman Leslie Monreal said in a statement.

Brenda Schodt, of Chandler, said she was shocked to look up and see graphic sex acts on her television screen.

“Maybe five or 10 minutes into the show there was no volume,” Schodt said. “I thought it was the TV, but when I looked up, there were these images.”

ION Television, based in West Palm Beach, Fla., declined to say whether the pornography aired beyond the Phoenix market.

take that, brian williams.

(also, thank you to whoever created that amazing image, which is inexplicably the fourth image that appears under a google search for “tom brokaw.”)


2 Responses to “hundreds near phoenix inadvertently masturbate to tom brokaw.”

  1. 1 carlhollywood March 15, 2007 at 3:05 pm

    I once saw something similar happen at now-defunct Tech TV when I was training to shoot camera for one of their news shows. The set featured a series of monitors displaying generic news-like imagery meant to suggest that important and late-breaking information was constantly flowing in (and then, I suppose, being digested and spit back out by some sort of autistic media wunderkind – the kind that’s, like, one with the net or whatever, ’cause he can watch a lot of tvs at once). Anyway, for about a minute, the monitor that was showing space shuttle launches showed lesbian ass-play instead. Everyone thought it was pretty cool. The End.

  2. 2 premiumlux March 20, 2007 at 11:58 am

    important update from the AP:

    A Phoenix television station says it has fired an employee suspected of adding about 30 seconds of pornography into a broadcast of a news show.

    The unnamed worker for ION Media Networks’ KPPX-TV “was immediately terminated and faces further legal action” after an investigation determined who was responsible for the March 12 incident, spokeswoman Leslie Monreal said in a statement.

    Palm Beach, Fla.-based ION Media Networks, which offers family friendly programs, called the incident “an intolerable act of human sabotage” and apologized to viewers.

    Monreal said the images appeared only in the Phoenix market. The images prompted a flood of calls to local news media outlets and the cable television provider.

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