the greatest films of all time series: leonard pt. 6

I strongly considered writing a 12-page write-up on Bill Cosby’s masterpiece, but The Agony Booth beat me to it. It’s a great way to teach yourself about Cosby’s amazing film, described on IMDb thusly:

After separating from his wife, Leonard Parker (Cosby) quit the spy business and became a restaurateur. His wife refuses to speak with him, and his daughter, who changes her career more often than her clothes, has begun dating a man old enough to be Leonard’s father! On top of it all, the government has asked him to come back and save the world again. The evil Medusa Johnson (Foster) has hypnotized animals into doing her bidding, and plans to use them to take over the world! It’s up to Leonard to save the world, as only he can battle her Vegetarians and man-eating rabbits!

But it’s much better than that. If you happen to be fresh out of cyanide capsules, this fine film is a terrific substitute.




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