eye on: eyewitness news teams

Station: WOWT, NBC-6

Location: Omaha, NE

Motto: “The People You Know, The News You Trust”

Sample Headlines:

Redheads for a Reason

Father of Little Boy Blue Commits Suicide

Man Stung by Stereo Sale

Officers Break up Disturbance

Program-related attempts at station name-branding:

6 News Precision Webcast
6 News Newstream
6 News Health Check
Channel 6 For the Heartland
6 News Broadcast Scholarship
6 On Your Side

Meet the team!

John Knicely

Anchor of the 5 pm, 6 pm, and 10 pm newscasts, Mr. Knicely has sired five children (Krista, Ryan, Mitchell, Spencer, and Grant) with his wife, and is “a favorite in the community.” He enjoys golf and basketball and has won journalism awards numbering in the many.

Tracy Madden

Tracy is also an anchor and has also reproduced (Ryan and Quinn), which is typical of her obsession of wanting to be John Knicely. She staged a minor coup by winning the Aksarben Community Service Award, which is referred to as “prestigious.” There is nothing else of note about Tracy that is interesting or relatable.

Dave Webber

A onetime disc jockey, folk singer, and Air Force pilot, the sportily-named Dave Webber thinks sports are “fun.” He has three kids (David, Marcie, and Joel), likes singing, acting, and golf, and is “in demand as a speaker, emcee, and genial host.”
Jim Flowers

Though you might be inclined to refer to him as WOWT’s resident “weather guy,” Jim Flowers is allegedly known as “the Heartland’s most experienced meteorologist,” seemingly because he’s been doing it for 27 years, the requisite time frame for subjective superlatives. Fair enough. Like his sportscaster colleague, he has a name suspiciously invokes his profession. He has also won awards, breeded (Brian and Patrick), and enjoys bass fishing, camping, and….”the weather.”

Hitting hard with hard-hitting news:

Trash on the side of the road—or, “debris”—is a hazardous eyesore. If you knew this before watching this video, you’re ready for a career as an investigative reporter.


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