what’s on clearance at the NRA store?

Item: “Shrouded Forrest”

Was: $99.95

Clearance price: $59.95


“This classic Daniel Smith portrayal of our national symbol taking flight is elegant enough for museum or gallery walls yet warm enough for your den or office. Each print has a faux canvas treatment that provides not only protection of the artwork, but is mounted to create another dimension to the cherry frame. Deeply carved natural cherry frame envelops the image and is ready for hanging. The carved appliqué is solid cherry and features the NRA logo and reproduction
of the Second Amendment. Measures 12″ X 16″. Imported.”

Why you need it: The reasons are several-fold. Firstly, lest a proud gun owner forget the crucial verbiage of the 2nd amendment, this handsome piece of artwork displays the all-important amendment/protest rally cry in a lasting, cherry frame that you can display in a variety of useful locales, from your den to your office. Secondly, the cherry frame is cornered by four etched stars, which represent 2/25ths of our proud nation’s gun-wielding states. Thirdly, look at that eagle, boldy taking flight against the dark forces of terror. Lastly, did they mention the cherry frame? Oh right, three fucking times.


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