KULR-8 in billings, mt: too vexing for their shirt?

in a bit of tough-nosed journalism surely incited by a mountain of concerned viewer mail, local ABC affiliate KULR-8 in billings, mt wants to know why there is a disparity in the placement of buttons on men’s and women’s shirts. here, then, are the shocking results of their meticulous research, as featured in their series, “what’s up with that?”*

What’s up with Clothing Accessories?

BILLINGS – Have you ever wondered why the buttons on men’s dress shirts are located on the left side, while on women’s shirts they’re on the right? From our colorful ties, to the fancy buttons on our jackets we wear a lot of things that don’t really serve a purpose, and that just makes a guy wonder what’s up with that.

We spoke to the owner of Marcasa’s in downtown Billings. He says the pocket no longer serves a purpose, but that it used to be used for a pocket watch. Then there’s also the crazy world of shirts. Sure, a lot of them need buttons, but why do men’s shirts button on the left and women’s shirts on the right?

Well, as far as we can determine, the practice dates back several centuries to the days when some women were dressed by maids, and since most people are right handed, the buttons were placed on the right as opposed to the left. If you have a random question about something email it to us at news@kulr.com and we’ll let you know what’s up with that.

the results are truly shocking. how can we go on living if pockets “have no purpose?” if the world of shirts is “crazy?” (what would’ve happened if they interviewed someone from international male?) and when buttons, apparently, are merely “clothing accessories?”

kudos to you, KULR-8. may your impending pulitzer be void of baffling, self-created peculiarites.

*it’s seriously called that.


2 Responses to “KULR-8 in billings, mt: too vexing for their shirt?”

  1. 1 What's UP With You? April 30, 2007 at 8:22 pm

    Dude, at least it’s not focusing on war, bloodshed and violence? Why does the news have to be miserable? Why not do mindless fun stories like this? Sheesh. Get the stick out of your hiney.

  2. 2 Jim Saunders May 4, 2007 at 9:07 am

    I know this entry is from a few months ago, but I agree. Get the stick out of your hiney. I enjoy the KULR-8 What’s Up With That series.

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