welcome back to my consciousness: scott donahoo commercials

in the cutthroat world of car dealership tv commercials in baltimore, one man shone above the staid jingle + pedestrian graphics recipe of his competitors. that man? the imitable scott donahoo, he of the scrapple-soaked southern rasp, fashion-forward wardrobe, and penchant for bastardizing rockin’ oldies into something very much his own.

spending more than ten years intermittently high and in front of a television can make a person very impressionable and ripe for dead-end crushes. did i love scott donahoo? no. did we share an unspoken connection that was forged between the verses of his half-baked parodies and their lackluster arrangements and compounded by his stunning lack of charisma? absolutely.

i miss you, scott. but i’m still never buying a kia from you.


1 Response to “welcome back to my consciousness: scott donahoo commercials”

  1. 1 anyone September 7, 2008 at 7:56 pm

    you may be happy to know for is pulling his dealership , everyone in the city and county knows but he refuses to tell his employees , who have served him well the news stations would love this one

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