focus on: focus on the family.

so, today is valentine’s day. despite the prevalence of chocolate/flowers/candy, the mood of love, and the seemingly unflappable skill of advertisers to make us wallow in our own self-despair and loneliness, it can be an appalling, infuriating, and demoralizing day for a lot of people. (though not, incidentally, for the walgreen’s cashier who insisted on wishing me a happy valentine’s day. weirdest “you too!” ever.)

but what i think isn’t important. i’d rather look, instead, at the thoughts of focus on the family’s denise morris, a contributor to the site’s boundless line blog. her thoughts include this idea on how to turn that valentine’s day frown upside down and into a biblical smile:

“Honestly, I understand the dislike for the day of love. When you’re single, it’s just a reminder that you have no one to get you flowers, and when you’re in a relationship, there’s pressure to get a good gift and meet romantic expectations.

However, February 14 — whether single, dating or married — can be fun. Last year, my roommate and I hosted a Valentine’s Day party for some of our girl friends. We made a nice dinner and decorated our apartment with red and white. We got everyone small gifts and watched a chick flick. Most importantly, we posted Bible verses around the apartment — reminding all the girls of the agape love God had for them. It might seem a bit corny, but it turned out to be a fun night.”

hooray for optimism and god’s love! it’s so “agape!” but i have other observations.

1. it is corny. but not just a “bit.”

2. are you comparing god’s giant, gaping love to the love of a (presumably male) lover? because isn’t that—i don’t know—blasphemous?

3. i can’t speak for everyone, but no one believes you hung bible verses around your apartment.

4. which “chick flick” did you watch? seriously. this is the most compelling possible detail you could’ve included to make you seem like a real person, and you left it out. did the movie have sexual themes? which ones? did you cry when mandy moore didn’t get that thing she wanted?

5. are you gonna meet god’s romantic expectations?


1 Response to “focus on: focus on the family.”

  1. 1 bluevelveeta February 14, 2007 at 9:04 pm

    chick flick = biopic of the “virgin” mary, who knows the true meaning of being agape for god.

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