local lizard makes good.

there’s a backstory here, but i’d rather employ a surface-level myopia and just examine the picture.

what does it say? well, it says that this is not your grandfather’s lizard, toiling in the dust for a drop of water or a moth’s wing, anxious for a chance to make it as someone better if only society wasn’t so damned close-minded. this is not the lizard of the 80s, buoyed by affirmative action but dogged by the relentless suspicion that he just wasn’t qualified.

nope. this is the lizard of generation now, not afraid to lay his crickets on the table, ready to show everyone that he can do what he was told he couldn’t. his body can’t handle space travel? no matter. he can’t communicate with mission control? e-mail. no thumbs? he fucking talks with his eyes, man.

and now he’s made it. look at the poise, the solemn pride in a job well done, the specially made helmet to encase his oblong head. he’s served his country, he’s been to space, he’s advanced the cause of science that much further.

let’s see a salamander do that.


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