attn – private investigators, s.f.: rare object stolen.

John Konstin, a San Francisco restauranteur, has posted notice of a missing object. He claims that it was stolen from his place of business this past Saturday, or perhaps Friday night. Mr. Konstin’s description and offered reward can be found in this news article, but I will excerpt the key details:

“I am trying to recover an — ah — ornament that has been, shall we say, mislaid. I thought, and hoped, you could assist me. The ornament is a statuette — the black figure of a bird. I am prepared to pay the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars for its recovery. I am prepared to promise that — what is the phrase? — ‘No questions will be asked.'”

A tidy reward for such an odd ornament, but worth noting nonetheless.


1 Response to “attn – private investigators, s.f.: rare object stolen.”

  1. 1 premiumlux February 13, 2007 at 12:50 pm

    i just read this very same article. conspiracy theorists will note that happenstance usually leads to a life of crime.

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