africa or star wars: which is the one true religion?

If you don’t already know, there’s this website called, and they run articles about indie rock albums. I mean, if you can think of an indie rock album, it’s very likely that they’ve reviewed it. That’s called being comprehensive, and that’s what they’re all about.

Anyhoo, sometimes they veer away from indie rock albums and venture out into other realms — indie rock singles, other albums or singles. But sometimes they speak to us about the world at large. And it has happened again. writer Chris Dahlen asks the question that others were too afraid to ask: “Which topic is more popular on the Internet, Star Wars or the continent of Africa?

This article combines everything I love about good sociology. A seemingly random central hypothesis? Check! Hilariously intricate detail about Star Wars nerds? It’s in there! Angry condemnation of American laissez faire attitudes? Ching-ching! Mr. Dahlen, you are a peach.


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